Let what you love be what you do

Fireplace Surround and Mantle From Architectural Salvage Yard

The modern Fireplace was not working for me. Where am I going to display all my stuff?  I need a mantle! So, on one of my great adventures to go watch TCU and OU Battle it out, I stopped at an architectural salvage yard in Fort Worth, TX http://www.oldhomesupplyhouse.com/ I […] Read more »

New Year, Means Time to Re-organize The Studio

Ok, so real life does not look like this for more than a week http://www.styleonashoestring.com Here is what real life looks like! I know, it’s a mess.  Now that the Christmas rush is over, it’s time to re organize, throw out and find things I have totally forgotten about. (I […] Read more »

Rehab old desser with milk paint

Sometimes good bones should not go to waste. Old furniture, although it looks bad, can be redone to look great.  Look at the bones of a piece and not the finish. Spend a weekend treasure hunting a flea market Fredricksburg, Texas http://www.fredericksburgtradedays.com Find a great piece for pennies on the […] Read more »

If you give Galen an paint brush….adding door details

Have you ever read the children’s book, “If you give a mouse a cookie”?  Well it is about this mouse and no matter what you give him it leads to something else. That’s me. I start off by refacing these doors….end up redoing the kitchen…..have to rehang paintings….it just goes […] Read more »

Picking out the Perfect counter, kitchen remodel

Here are the inspiration pictures I choose as the basic framework for my own kitchen My kitchen Pinterest Board Amazing Tile floor I am in the process of making all these leaf tiles myself. Raised Paintable Wall Paper I am putting this on the ceiling (when I find a wallpaper […] Read more »