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Collecting Antique Victorian Majolica

I am in love with Antique Majolica Plates and pitchers!
Here is a short history of Victorian Majolica Ware…..

Victorian majolica was originated by Mintons Ltd, who exhibited it at the Great Exhibition of 1851 under the name Palissy ware. The debt to the eccentric 16th century potter Bernard Palissy is obvious from its naturalistic plant and animal motifs molded in relief and splashed with bold color and clear glazes.
Mintons had for some time been making tin-glazed pottery (which is opaque, white and shiny and painted in color) somewhat in the style of Renaissance Italian maiolica, which they called majolica ware, anglicizing the Italian maiolica.wikipedia

I do have only one Palissy Plate because their prices are outrageous!
I got this one on ebay one lucky day
Palissy takes it’s design from Living creatures 
 While Antique Victorian design was embossed or molded into the clay and painted
in a semi transparent glaze that ran into each other easily.
I paint my own clay art with majolica glaze myself
because any stamping I do really pops
Here is my Majolica Pitcher collection
I also have collected a few Majolica pictures.  They have chips and cracks, but I don’t care
The center pitcher was the very first thing I ever bought at an Auction…age 8
Here is a great Plate from Germany on ebay right now
 I think I could keep collecting forever…..I hope my kids learn to like them too!


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