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Creating Wedding Gift Tags

To create wedding gift tags I choose to use this stamp

Love birds
Then I choose the green paint that matches my Gift wrap ribbon and the soft blue
Next, put paint on your stamp
I like just dabbing my stamp into both paints at once and let the magic happen on it’s own
I let this dry a bit so I don’t mess up what I have done during the next step
which is 
I paint a strip of paint on the end and apply glitter directly onto the paint
I think this gives a whole different look than using glue 
the glitter reflects the paint color so it melds into the color scheme
Now I Roll out some clay and make these ceramic hearts
I punched a tiny hole on the top of one side of the heart
now, I let them dry to a light grey color
and put them in the kiln and fired it to over 2000 degrees
Now they are all white and ready to glaze
I decided to glaze some pink and did others for The Valentine’s Bag of hearts
now I fire these again to almost the same temperature 
So, When you order a Handmade Wedding Cross (Click on the link to my Etsy store)
 and a Gift box
you are going to get this wonderfully wrapped gift
Here is the finished look.


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