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DIY Creating a Vignette

So, you see vignettes constantly in Magazines.
  It is a collection of items that tell a short story. 
Whether on a single table
 a wall 
a shelf
 or the entire space.
But today I am showing you how to do a table.

When you go on little trips, enjoy the crazy resale shops, antique shops and area flea markets. Bring home a treasure!   Even Hobby Lobby can add a lot to your vignette.
 First, I bought the Little painting at an Art and Crafts show. I love Roosters!
Next, I found the Turtle shell in an antique store in Fredericksburg, TX
I made the stand from a vintage candlestick

 The Brass Bird belonged to my mother
I found the metal and glass display at a resale shop here in Midland when my daughter and I were sharing some quality bonding time and giggles.
The table itself was a rehab piece from an estate sale.  The top had cracked in half down the center so I got it cheap.  A little wood glue, a couple of clamps. a sander and wood stain made it a wonder piece again!

The wire bird nest came from a store in Dallas as did the wooden hands.
I bought the eggs on ebay from a farmer
The Bird came from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby
I am one of those people who has always loved Natural Science Museums
and in many ways I just have to create it in my own home
There you have it.  A Vignette that tells the story of adventures, family and nature
It is a table of memories


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