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Easy way to Arrange Paintings

I saw this idea on Pinterest

and it works like a charm!
First, make templates of your framed picture.  You can use Kraft paper or newspaper.  It is so easy to move everything around and change your mind without much hassle.
I used painter’s tape to tape these templates to the wall.
Next you need know where your hanger is on the back of each picture or painting
For wires: pull up and measure where it is from the top of the painting.
For saw tooth attached hanger: measure bottom of hanger to top of picture
Now that you have the measurements, You can measure off the top of your template to know exactly where the nail or bottom of your hanger hook will need to be placed.  I also measured and found the center too.
Then everything should fall into place like this.  As you can see, I changed my mind and moved things around ( I’m a woman, it is expected).

Now I have to do the next wall, ugh
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