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Fireplace Surround and Mantle From Architectural Salvage Yard

The modern Fireplace was not working for me. Where am I going to display all my stuff?
 I need a mantle!

So, on one of my great adventures to go watch TCU and OU Battle it out, I stopped at an architectural salvage yard in Fort Worth, TX


I picked up two old chipped columns which had one flat side and a wood corbel that went over a doorway or window.

Left side is before/Right side after
My Husband cut down the columns to my perfect desire
and screwed them to the existing surround.
He did the same to the mantle but screwed it into the studs in the wall.
I left the wood as I found it, but I scraped a bit more off the piece I used as the mantle to get rid of the bubbled paint and dirt. Then I went to my Hardware Store and bought Paint that is specially formulated to be a heat barrier.  It came in a spray can and I coated the underside of the mantle self several times in the white color.

That fireplace is a Heat-i-lator.
It is like a mini furnace and in the winter it heats up the entire living room and my bedroom.
It is Gas powered and flips on with a switch,
Ahhhhh gotta love an instant fire!

Want one?  Look here.  They really work well (And I am not getting paid to say that)
http://www.heatilator.com/Thank you for stopping in!
stop by again tomorrow and see what’s new

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