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If you give Galen an paint brush….adding door details

Have you ever read the children’s book, “If you give a mouse a cookie”?
 Well it is about this mouse and no matter what you give him it leads to something else.
That’s me.
I start off by refacing these doors….end up redoing the kitchen…..have to rehang paintings….it just goes on and on and on.
So today is how to reface UGLY plain old doors…or PLAIN UGLY
Here is what we have to work with
 Just plain ugly door with zero appeal, but I can change that.
  1. pull out the miter board and saw
  2. go to Lowe’s and by the lattice trim in 6 foot sections
  3. make sure you have a can of powdered Durham wood putty
  4. pull out the mouse sander
  5. make a pot of coffee
  6. hunt down the tape measure in the junk drawer
  7. drink more coffee
  8. find a pencil
  9. measure 4-6 inches from outside edge and mark.  outline where you want your detail lattice strips to go.  There are no set rules here.  I went with two panels.  You could make 3 or even 6 -8 smaller one side by side all the way down the door.  Look on my Pinterest board for some awesome ideas.!   http://www.pinterest.com/galenclick/doors-to-die-for/
  10. once you measure tops and bottoms and cut them out, then measure and cut side pieces.  I like to label everything as i got so each piece has a know spot to go to.
  11. use that electric stapler with the brad nails, and attach your pieces to the door
  12. go drink more coffee, have a cigarette or pet the cat.
  13. get the nail set tool and hammer and tap on each brad so it sinks into the board.  You do not want to see these when you get ready to paint.  Your friends do not want to see them when they come over to visit either.
  14. now put on some latex gloves, grab a disposable bowl and mix your wood filler and water together.  Should look and feel like peanut butter when you do it right.
  15. fill in the hole, any gaps between the board and door, and fill in any seam between joints in the corners where the boards meet.  Now it should look like this.
  16. go to bed or watch a movie.  your done for the day.
  17. You can take the doors off the hinges, (hahahahahaha), or you can sand the doors just where they are.  Mind you, you will have to dust the house afterwards.

Adding panels to plain door

Re face old plain doors
now repeat all these steps and do the other side of the door.  Yep, do it again.
After you do about 4 doors try not to kick the cat because your back is giving out and your neck is on fire….you over did it and you need to just go lay down for the entire weekend.
Finish re faced door

After you are rested, (this could take days), then you can paint your doors.  I choose a slate Black in a satin sheen.  I suggest you use an enamel, I used eggshell.  I can wipe it off, and unfortunately I do, a lot, every week, drives me nuts.  Too lazy to repaint them again.  I’m dealing with it.

I refaced this door, the guest bathroom door, my bedroom door and the guest room door.

By the way I love the monkey wallpaper.  It is weird and different like me.  Deal with it.

Black interior doors

Now when you give Galen a gallon of paint and a new ergo paint brush she won’t stop there.  Oh no, now the front door looks weird all white.  So now I go paint the inside of the front door.

At this point I can’t stop.  I have to repaint the walls a more neutral color to go with the new black door thing going on.  Another day, another blog post.
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