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Kitchen Remodel….Let’s tear out that floor!

How to Tear out Mexican tile that was laid with Cement Floor Leveling Mix (Not tile adhesive mind you, but Thin Set) .

The first thing I did was start busting out the tile.  I used a small sledge hammer and pick….that helped relieve some of my pent up anger towards the tile, but it was exhausting.  I got horrible blisters and I Could not hold a cup to drink.  Not good.

I filled up the broken pieces into used shipping boxes so I could place one a week into the dumpster in the alley.  Yes, here in Midland we have community dumpsters and not garbage cans.  Great really.  You can unload a lot of garbage in one day.

I got this much done in a week and the light went off in my head…..there has to be a better way!  So I went and rented one of these!

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Oh My Gosh!!!! ELECTRIC HAMMER.  The most fun, easy to use and efficient way to tear up tile!!!!  I have fallen in love. (NOTE:  Buy a face guard helmet thingy, you will need it with all the flying tile).  All I had to do was squeeze the button, lean on it and it would start hammering away.  SO MUCH FUN!!!  Within an hour I had so much done.

Then I packed up the salvage pieces

Then next day I moved out the fridge and dishwasher and did the last part.  Returned the hammer on Monday and smiled for 2 weeks!

BAM !  Floor done…….next step is to reface the cabinet door

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