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Las Vegas Adventure

One of my Great Adventures
Las Vegas, Nevada
So you think of the typical photo
well here it is
My first time to Vegas (so far the only time too)
So we got off the plane, hit the strip and we walked through every casino.
Wish I had a picture of my face…
Mouth open, eyes big.
Those Casinos are over the top gorgeous inside.
But if you rent a car and travel around one day 
heading East…..you get to see all of this
The new bridge 
by the Hoover Dam
I can not imagine driving across that bridge at that altitude!
Then we headed Northwest
This is the Hwy to Groom Lake.
know where we are headed yet?
Here is a hint
This was on a dirt road 
in the middle of no where
before you get to the Joshua Tree Forest (My name)
on the edge of Area 51
That’s right
we drove to the gate of Area 51
since I do not like getting into trouble there is no photo
Let me tell you….
there is an SUV parked on the hill….
there are guys with binoculars staring back at you!
we sat
stared around
told them thank you and we were leaving the same way we came.
Yes they can hear you, there are dishes on poles all around you to pick up sounds
So back to the city
and to the exhibits in the Casinos
First we went to the Pyramid, Luxor Casino
 and saw all the Egyptian stuff
before we entered into this
 The Titanic Exhibit
Must see it
you will be rendered speechless by the end

I had to come home with something from this adventure
so I bought two plates and two fat little coffee cups.

Every time we have stew, soup, all in one dinner/salad or chili
we eat out of these now

Grilled Chicken Salad with avocado, tomato, onion and homemade Balsamic Vinegarette dressing
Now, it was time to do the guy thing
fair is fair
so off to the Imperial Palace to see
100’s of old cars.
I had to sit down after 50 
My feet were burning
I am not a gambler.  I hate to throw money away
I played 20$ at cards, slots, dice, roulette and something else
I lost all my money
except at the roulette table.
My technique was this.
Buy your chips
Toss them on the table
Where ever they land is where you bet.
I WON $ 79.00
I have never lost with this technique either!
But here is the secret
Never re-gamble your winnings.
Take them home

Be Inspired 

to Drive outside the City Limits

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