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Laying Tile Under Appliances

So, the Kitchen Remodel is inching along.  
I made enough small square tiles to start laying them down under all the appliances.
First thing buy some pre mixed Tile Mastic
Now here are the photo directions to lay tiles
I don’t like spreading mastic on the floor when I am working with small tiles or doing a mosaic.  I just glob on some mastic with my finger.  This way, if the phone rings or I need a “Back” break, I can stop easily without dealing with mastic hardening up on me. Then I press down firmly on each tile.  The mastic comes up a bit on the side and I think this holds the tile down better too.
I decided to lay the tiles off center that way the tiny size imperfections seem to disappear.  As you can see, each row either has a whole tile or a half tile on the ends.  If I had stacked the tiles then the edges would have looked not so good.
Personalize Tile in the Corner of the doorway
I just had to leave my mark somewhere….. So I did our initials in grey and the year we started this renovation and place it in the inside edge of the doorway.  
Now here are some of the spots I have finished tiling.  The refrigerator is the only spot left to tile now
Under the Range tiled floor
 Under the dishwasher Tiled floor
Now here is a sneak peek at what the mosaic leaf pattern I will be free-handing as I go.
One more step forward in my Kitchen remodel!


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