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My Bell Jar Collection

Do you have something of great sentimental value?
Try encasing it in a bell jar
Antique childhood glass ornament in a Bell Jar
I twined the leaves together, highlighted them with acrylic paint and added glitter to the wet paint,  then hung my antique German glass ornament from the top.  The base was glittered using modpoge
Wedding Topper in Bell jar
The base fabric flowers are antique that I found at an estate sale. The fabric leaves were done the same way as the last one.
Christmas in a Bell jar
This one I made on a moss covered base.  Painted the leaves more than I did in the others and again highlighted them with glitter.  I bleached out a few tiny bottle brush trees and dyed them with food coloring that I mixed together.  I added the bronze colored balls from a ball floral pick that I took apart.
Christmas Vignette in a Bell Jar
This was the German ornament last year when I added the glittered flocked deer to the vignette.   I added a few tiny glass balls and fake snow balls to complete the look.

Here are more toppers I have for sale

Fall Decoration/Cake Topper https://www.etsy.com
Spring Decoration/Cake Topper https://www.etsy.com



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