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Painting walls can Transform a Home

 My First Home
After my divorce 10 years ago, I bought this cute little house.
I painted the walls first.
Before picture on the top and after photo below it
Dining Room
I painted the dining room walls my favorite color of red!  Benjamin Moore “My Valentine”.
It has a pink tone to it and is so much softer than really red. I also took out the blinds and hung orange raw silk drapes that I made.  
Orange and red are a perfect marriage!
Would you believe someone painted over the wall paper in the kitchen?  Yep, and I tore it all off and painted it correctly with this musty yellow color.  Ralph Lauren Paint.
If I find the photos, I will show you how I resurfaced those kitchen cabinets and stained them over the painted wood.  But I think my computer hide them somewhere, as usual.
 I loved their bed, but could not find it for myself.  After I had lived in this house a few years, I painted the walls a rich chocolate brown.  You would think it would have been too dark, but it was wonderful!  The whole wall were windows, so it was never dark during the day and at night it felt so cozy because the room was so big.  (Ugh, I still miss this house).
 The floors were laminate planks that look like wood, but way easier to clean
 I painted the inside of the bookcase unit the same red as in the dining room.  I distressed the doors, wainscot and bookcase then applies the Minwax stain over the surface and wiped a few times to my liking.  (wish I had those pictures too)
mosaic tiles fireplace
 I had lived in my house for about a year.  Staring at the really ugly white painted brick on the fireplace.  So I went to Lowe’s and found these terrazzo tile sheets.  It ended up costing me about $1500.00 to do it myself.  The original brick was not a flat surface but it looked like someone had run their fingers through the wet clay, so it took a lot of extra mastic to adhere the tiles.  I put a bull nose tile around the seat and at the top of the fireplace next to the ceiling to it looked built in.  Then I put the stain on the mantle to match all the other woodwork that I re surfaced down the road.
I hope this gives you some ideas for your own home!


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