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Repurposed Vintage Jewery

I just hate to see a wonderful piece of vintage jewelry go to waste
Here are some of my newest creations
all are available on my Etsy store
just click on the link and it will take you there
Re-purposed Blue Brooch
I thought the clear blue colors in this vintage brooch just needed a few pearls and some glass blue beads.  Wonderful for spring and summer!
Green Tassel Necklace
Recycled Jewelry Parts Necklace
This necklace was a combination of a vintage pin, bracelet parts and vintage beads.
I wired on each bead by hand to give it a softer look.
Turquoise re-purposed earring into a necklace
I feel in love with a set of earrings and designed two different necklaces.  I made each wired bead link and added a clasp.  Pearls and turquoise are so soft and romantic!
Re-purposed Brooch Bracelet
I found this wire pearl bracelet and thought…..wouldn’t a brooch look great on this!
BAM…..there you are
Wedding Necklace
I was in the mood to do something spectacular and dressy, so I designed this necklace from a wonderful vintage rhinestone brooch that had a lot of sparkle.  I added some Vintage glass pearls and there you go….
A fabulous necklace to wear for a wedding or a night at the opera!


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