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San Angelo, Texas Adventure

San Angelo is a cool little west Texas town.
Only 2 hours away from Midland,
this is a great place to get-a-way for the day
Nothing like roaming the downtown district 
full of great shops

J Wilde’s Boutique

J Wilde’s Bedding
This store, which reminds me of Anthropology, it full of clothing, decor, Fabrics and vintage rehabbed furniture.
So, now your hungry?  
Go next door to Miss Hattie’s for lunch or dinner
Miss Hattie’s Restaurant
This history on this building is cool.  You can read it on the front inside cover of the menu.  I will give you the highlights.
Several brick walls and Tin Ceiling tiles are original to the building, which was built in 1884.  Orgininally is was a bank building…..with a little secret.
There was a tunnel that lead from the bank to the brothel.  So, the men would tell their wives they were going to the bank, which they would.  They would just leave out the part about taking the tunnel to the bar and women across the street.
Venturing off Concho street 
you will find The Hilton Hotel #3
That’s right
This is the third Hotel that Mr. Hilton built.
Hilton Hotel #3 San Angelo, TX
The tile work and details throughout are amazing.  I am so happy no one has destroyed this building yet.  No longer a hotel, this building needs people to fill it up and make it happy again.  there are shops however on the ground floor around the perimeter.
 Next we decided to hit the Army surplus store. Fair is fair after the clothing store.
R71 BMW Motorcycle with side car
Cole’s Army Surplus on Chadbourne
You can rent canoes
Buy Royal Googles
Buy a 100 Quart Stock Pot to feed all your friends too!
but the one thing I feel in love with was at a thrift store
Yep, a metal cart.  Great for walking through giant flea markets.  The only problem was it weighed alot.  I could not have gotten it in and out of the SUV by myself.  (Sad face)
so I left it behind.  Oh, well.  Can’t grab everything just because it pulls on you somehow. 

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