Let what you love be what you do

Terlingua Adventure

Terlingua Texas 

It is a ghost town now

Terlingua Cemetary
This wedding was in the dead of Summer.  The white rocks reflected the sun and they were literally baking me.  By the time we got to the Cemetery I was having a heat stroke.  HINT: Always carry water and an umbrella in the sun.  Who cares how stupid you look, it helps. The graves were so old and so interesting though.  Many were forgotten, but quite a few were well cared for by their children’s children’s children.  A family tradition. so it appeared
But it used to be a thriving Mercury Mining town
Basically it looks like this now
Ok, I admit it, this was down the road from the wedding yesterday, so we stole ourselves away after our morning coffee to do a little snooping around the area.
The light was perfect for some interesting photo moments
My morning shadow
This would be a great screen saver if you want to borrow it
We found the ruins of the old town and these great pictures happened
After we got home the picture morphed into this
When it is little my husband looks like a ghost in the window.
Moral of this blog…..
No matter how hot and miserable it may be at the moment
Don’t let the moment be forgotten
you never know
how fondly you will remember it later
and treasure it


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