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That Ceiling Paper has got to go! Bring on the Lighting

So, the paper on the wall is unique, but the mirrors are a bit too weird.
So we have torn that all out

Then the Electrician, Mark, came over.
He and I tore down the florescent monstrosity.

Would you believe it was super nail gunned to the ceiling.
I’m talking about 10 extra stout long nails in each corner.

They had patched the ceiling with cardboard and my electrician found a live line not attached to anything. (At this point I am ready to hunt down the last subcontractors and wring their necks!)

I had gone to Lowes to pick up the tiny can lights for the ceiling while texting my electrician which ones to buy.  These were the ones that were ok’d.

The chandelier came from an Etsy store.  it looked like this when I got it.
Then I got out that spray can.
  Yes, I was a bit sick to cover this great finish already on the chandelier, but It was not going to work in the kitchen that color.
I bought the small paper lampshades on Amazon and painted the body of them in the same paint as the interior of the cabinets and the trim was painted the same color as the cabinet door.
 Lighting done.
Finding a wallpaper Hanger
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