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TIME TO DEMO! Order the new Appliances too!!!

Oops this was supposed to be posted before yesterday’s post.  Pretend like you never saw that one, read this one, then reread that one.  ugh
That useless counter thing has got to go

Just look at all the wasted space I could be using.  Having a view into and out of the kitchen is not something I relish.  My back is to the room, so why have an open wall?  Plus all the junk seems to find it’s way to this counter and I can’t take it anymore!

Here is the view from inside the kitchen.  Ya, my studio is down that hall and can be seen from here. Would you believe the pantry is in that hall?  I have to walk out of the kitchen to the hall to grab a can of peas.  NOT WORKING FOR ME!   The china hutch has been placed against the shuttered windows because I knew I would put a wall here.  Poor thing has been waiting a year for this renovation to begin!

My husband and I tore out the cabinets.  Notice the lovely original linoleum on the floor?   Hmmmmmm, me thinks the lazy subcontractors just built the cabinets from the last owners on top of this.  Things like this make me nuts!  But do you see it ?????  This will be the pantry!  Yes. A pantry in the kitchen.  What a novel idea!

Relatively little damage done while doing demo.  Now you can see the space inside the kitchen has actually grown.

Now this is interesting…The floor vent was uncovered when the cabinets were removed and look at all things I found that had fallen in!  Two forks with different patterns, lol
Off to Lowe’s to buy drywall and call the Guy to come put it up!

I will explain that empty spot in the wall…..  My husband has a lot of vitamins and medicine, so I came up with the brilliant idea to put in a cabinet inside the kitchen that could double as a spice cabinet for the next owner. (After they drag my cold dead body out here after all the work I have done to this house!).  The cabinet will take up all the space between the studs, so drywall will be screwed onto the back of the cabinet after it is put in.

Next, the cabinet was installed inside the kitchen so now I can move to the next step.  I called my painter to patch the drywall, even out the wall and texture the drywall so I could paint it.  BAM
Wish I could say it took a day, but this took 3 weeks to complete.
Now I hunt for the perfect Stove/Oven, microwave and sink
 bye bye ugly stove
Hello double oven five burner stove top, vented microwave
 and super deep apron sink!  

Kraus-Farmhouse Stainless Steel Sink

LG Double Oven

The interior is TCU Purple !!!!!  Rah Rah!
Tune in The day after Christmas and watch the next step!


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