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Time to use some color! Kitchen remodel

Time to paint the inside of the cabinets and LOOSE MY MIND putting in the contact paper
First I picked out my color scheme based on my favorite plates that I hang on every kitchen wall no matter where I move to.  The grey I found on Pinterest (If you are not on Pinterest, you need to be!)
Next, I tried to match the colors in the plates.  I found this one and bought a gallon.
I painted a shelf and almost had a melt down.  TOO DARK!
Ok, so I went back to the paint store and bought another gallon of the much lighter shade of the same color
Now, I started painting.  Two to three coats did it for me.  Latex enamel.
Then, after I spent several nights doing that, I laid out the contact paper.  Yes I cursed at it, ripped some off and put more down.  HELPFUL HINT:  Wait a week or a month to lay the contact paper.  If the paint has not cured then the paper will not stick.  TRUST ME!Then I started painting the outside of the cabinets and drawers.

I went for the retro paper.  Black white and grey are a good fit. Ignore the air bubbles in the paper, pretend it is not there.  I am just so very happy it is straight at this point and that it is sticking down!

WOW!  It happened!  The cabinet guy delivered my new cabinets!  I started painting them about 5 minutes after he left!

Houston, we have a problem….. the pantry door is not straight. (my husband is still working on that).  With a good humor and a positive calm attitude, despite my growling about the cabinet maker,  my husband put on all the hardware every night for a week ( He’s slow but steady).  I found them online.  Very vintage.  They came in antique bronze which did not match very well, so I went to the hardware store a bought a spray can of brushed chrome silver and spray painted every single knob, handle and screw top.  IT SO WORKS!  HELPFUL HIT:  When spray painting screws. stick them in any Styrofoam sheet so they stand upright.

Tune in for more tomorrow

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