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Using FotoFuze to Make your Items seem to Float in Space

Here is a step by step DIY
I use this program through my Etsy store.  So first I log into my store, then I open another tab and go to Fotofuze.com.  I log into that site via Etsy Tab.  You can just log on and do your work without this step if you choose.
Next I find my listing I want to edit
Then I clicked on the first picture
The first Highlighter marker at the top right will automatically start filling in what you want to show.  It will also pick up the shadows.  The second marker gives you more control.  The third icon is the eraser.  You can always change the size of any of these choices using the sizing switch on the top at the end (but still above the photo)
Here is a quick visual on the steps on highlighting
After everything is highlighted, the screen will show you a preview.  If you don’t like the shadows, you can remove them by clicking on the eraser and adjusting the size of the circle courser.  then just push down on your mouse and go over the highlights you want to remove.
 once you like what you see then click on finish at the bottom
 now it will go back to your listing.  Tap on the photo.  An E icon will appear.  Tap on that
you can either just add that picture to your listing, or you can update everything by tapping on the Update Full Listing.  I only update images.
Now it will make your listing look like it is floating in space
I am doing this for everything on my Etsy, ASKMESTUDIO store
but I am leaving the backgrounds on my ASKMEDECOR store
Two different products with two different feels.


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