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Crochet is addictive

I won’t go into it all, but a lot has happened since I last posted.  So, I am touching base with you all again.   I have a new Etsy.com shop called askmecrochet.  I am hopelessly addicted.  

From baby blankets to stuffed animals, swinging back around to bags and hats

I try to let my daughter take the photos since she has the gift to do it and I do not

Just wanted to update you on what is going on.

Yes, I still am doing the clay art at etsy.com shop askmestudio


I have a wildly popular vintage shop on Etsy.com too called askmedecor

Have fun shopping for the perfect thing in the future with these 3 shops


Much Love


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Practicing taking pictures

So, I bought a new Nikon camera.  What was I thinking?  I have been on blogs, watching You tube videos and becoming more overwhelmed by the moment.  I think I need a private tutor!  Anyway…..I just picked up the camera and put it on the M mode.  I guess the planets are all in line because I got these shoots of my little critters.



wow, now if I can only pull this off when the grand daughters come into the world for the next 6 months then I will be ecstatic!

Then I practiced on other things…..

DSC_0007.1 DSC_0006.1 DSC_0021.1

Maybe there is hope for me….or it’s just a really good day.  The camera battery is recharging so I guess it is time to roll out some clay orders!

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Tiny plates are popular!

I am always thrilled when I have repeat orders!  Here is another year of math awards for Oak Park& River Forest High School.

 DSC_0269.1 Each Award has a handmade School Crest Stamp



This year the Winner’s  name are on the back of each award this year!


to each and everyone of you!

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Real Gold detailed Tiny dishes.

These dishes are great as a tray for jewelry, a spoon rest, paper clip holder on a desk or as a accent piece on any table.  100% hand formed, hand painted with real 22K gold detailing.  Since trying to catch the gold reflection is super hard, I tried to catch at least parts so you get the idea.  All these dishes are on my Etsy store.  just click the link and it will take you to my shop.  www.etsy.com/shop/askmestudio




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Taking a moment to enjoy life

Here are a few cool photos from the front yard this morning.  I was taking pictures of a new line of tiny dishes and I looked around through the lens and found some amazing things.

Busy bee

Blue sky

Neon pink rose


Bella....the inquring cat

Bella is so nosy……she can’t stand it when I’m doing something without her….I think she is part dog.

I am loving getting to use my new DSL camera and learning how to use it properly.  I know, I’m not incredible yet….but I will be one day!  Practice, practice practice

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New Limited edition Bird Dish in Tiffany blue Glaze

I was in the mood for something simple and sweet in Tiffany blue, so I created these three new dishes.

Perfect for holding rings, change or a tea bag by your morning

Great gift for a wife or best friend.  Just tap the esty store link

Great gift for a wife or best friend. Just tap the esty store link

image image cup of tea.  Great gift idea too!

Just tap on the esty store link for the clay art to view each one in more detail!

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Kitchen floor handmade mosaic tiles

Well, I thought 2000 leaves would be enough, but I was way wrong.  Here is a sneak peek at the kitchen floor


Each piece is handmade tiles I have made

So now that half the floor is down, I have been in the studio every night after work rolling out leaves.  One kiln full cooling tonight and then I will begin glazing them and firing them on Friday so I can work a little more this weekend.  Check out my facebook page, AskMeStudio. And see more pictures.    So far, I have been at this for a year.  I am determined to finish it before summer is over!!!  I have just free handed the design, terrifying when I started, but now I am really diggin it!  Ok, I can’t wait, I have to show you more…..but that’s all….I have to save something for the before and after blog post.


Laying one piece at a time….mosaic tile floor for the kitchen

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Sneak peek at the new kitchen floor

I am so excited, I have one patch of tiles grouted and I am loving the cream color with the white grout.  These tiles are under all the appliances and around the boarder of the room. the mosaic swirl leaves will get laid down next.

Handmade tiles for under the appliances

Handmade tiles for under the appliances

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