Let what you love be what you do

IMG_1153So…. You want to know all about Ask Me.  Well, it began in 1999.  I was a young mother with three active kids and I needed an outlet just for myself.  I had done a couple of ceramics classes in High school, so I bought a bag of clay and dug in.

I was making three dimensional plaques and small sculptures, crosses and such for gifts and for my home.  Friends came over and bought them off my walls.  Hmmmm, this could be something.  I turned a large utility closet into a studio and off I went.

I started with with craft shows, then Junior League Christmas shows.  As I have grown older and parts of my body begin to falter, I have given my tent to my daughter and opened up Etsy Stores.

As as time goes on, I find more interests and fun adventures to get into.  So, I began treasure hunting vintage goods and opened another Etsy Store.  Both links are beneath my banner.  Take a look.  enjoy.

You never know what you will find here on the website.  I will be opening up a store right off this site for handmade bisque ware , re-purposed jewelry and who knows what else.

Take some time and thumb through the blog right here on this website. There are great ideas, recipes and stories from my heart.


ps….feel free to leave any inspiring comments for me and others to read on any of he blog posts


interested in a custom piece then email me


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