Let what you love be what you do

Believe it or Not

Real People

no altered photos
These people are really out there
they are walking among us
I saw them!!!
woman with tail

I was standing behind her in line at the emergency room in San Antonio.  My son thought he was having heart problems, turned out to be anxiety attacks.  Anyway, we are standing behind her and I punch Marcus in the ribs and directed his attention to her.  His eyes got big and I pulled out my phone.  Took this picture and had to walk away I was laughing so hard and trying to keep it in but was making all kinds of funny noises.  Did she hurt her back, a leg or is that tail giving her problems?  You just have to wonder

Purple Bird hairdo

Ok, so this was in Home Goods in San Antonio.  Do you see a pattern?  So we are checking out and all the sudden I look up.  This time I punch my daughter in the ribs.  Pull out my phone and took this picture.  She is giving me the evil eye and telling me it is rude to take a picture of that girl.  I’m like, “Are you kidding”?  Ok, so she is expressing herself.  Purple hair, funky Mohawk thing going.  Notice the stroller?  she has been breeding.  There will be more just like her.  Then, this is the best part, she turns around and glares at me for staring.  Like really?  You go way off the normal grid and expect people to not notice you?  I’m speechless…….for a moment

Mercedes Benz Wood Bumper

So, I go to an estate sale here in Midland, Texas.  We are not all Hicks believe it or not.  I am walking up to the house and see this.  I stop and stare.  My mind trying to wrap around a Mercedes with a 2×4 bumper.  I think…..you see this stuff on the internet, but not in real life.  So I grab the phone and now everyone can do crazy email photos using this picture.  Needless to say, I walked around the Estate Sale wondering which one of those people owned the car.  I could barely concentrate on finding treasures!

Crazy old woman Dove hunting with 20 other (young to old) guys outside of Lubbock Texas.  Notice the plastic rain boots and not a cloud in the sky.  Ok, so that is me.  I’m not pointing any fingers without pointing three back at me.  Fair is fair.

I will be keeping my eyes peeled for other strange people
so remember
capture the moments
they seldom reappear!


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