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Furry Friday – The Kittens are here

OK, lets start from the beginning
Kitty (aka Thumbs)  began labor at 1pm

Kitty went into my closet on one of the shelves to have her kittens.  No, no, no…..they will fall and get killed.  So I carried her out and unloaded a box out of the soon to be Library in another room. ( the ugly boxes you see are the library shelves, by the way).   The towel must have been the right thing because she laid down and in thirty minutes the first kitten came.  I will spare you the birthing pictures because they are a bit raw.

 Bella cracked me up.  I think she left after the first kitten was born.  Useless midwife.

Kitty was exhausted after the first one.  She covers her eyes with her paws a lot, so I thought I would take this picture.  Anyone who has gone through childbirth can relate right now.  So, I sat there for 4 hours just watching her sleep….then she got restless and BAM

We had about 30 minutes of down time until BAM
 I was convinced that there were only 2-3 in there, but I was wrong.  We felt her tummy and there was another one squirming in there.  About an hour later, BAM
All four were accounted for.  All white too.  The father is a heavy set Siamese, So it will be fun to watch and see what colors pop out as time goes on.
Kitty is being a great mom.  If she slips away you can tell she is listening for them to make any sound.  If there is a little meow, she darts back inside the box.  She purrs constantly now.  And I caught this picture.   I watch her put her paws around them all the time and she will do a body block over them if your peeking into her box.  Those mother instincts have kicked into high gear.

 Make sure to tune back every Friday for the updates.  This is going to be fun!

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