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Furry Friday – Week 2 of The Kittens

The week began with a very protective mommy.  If I gazed too long at the kittens, she would just lay on top of them to protect them.   Instinct is so amazing!
I find myself grabbing my iPhone every time I go check on the kittens.  You never know what precious moment you will catch.
By Day 4-5 they are starting to change.  
I somehow messed up my shoulder so I’m up at 4 am hurting.  I came out of the bedroom and there she was….taking a break but refusing to go very far.
I love peeking in to see what they are doing.  This was nap time by day 6.  They just keep me smiling

One thing I notice is that it just makes Mom crazy when her babies cry.  She will gather them up with her paw to quiet them down…..I keep laughing, because have you ever heard of a quiet Siamese?  Poor thing will be pulling her hair out as time goes on.  One kitten takes after her Momma, she has to reach out and touch her too, awwwww

The edges of their ears are starting to turn dark by day 6
and the nose too
This kitten seems to always be off away from the crowd when mom is in the box. 
Kitty always looks so happy.  Motherhood has been very good for her.  She is shedding like crazy as you can tell, the towel is beginning to become furry too.
So by day 7 it is very apparent that we have 3 girls and one boy.  Can you tell my pain pills are affecting my mind at times?  ugh
The eyes are starting to open

I did a little research and found out that a short haired kitten will begin opening eyes at 5-8 days.  Well, we are just so normal then!  Would you believe long haired cats take twice as long to open their eyes?  How weird is that?  Well, by next week’s posting, they should really be even more adorable!  They are each starting to get a little fat tummy and the ears are beginning to to pop up.

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