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Furry Friday- week 4

The kittens have really grown!  They are standing taller on their legs, the ears have opened and have grown so much.  Their teeth have come in and dark bits of color are on the ear tips and tails….. Daddy was definitely the simese at the end of the block.  Frank, the one and only little boy is the most adventurous and the sweetest.   Then two sisters have followed his lead.  Only one little girl likes to hang out in the box with momma.

This week I turned the box on it’s side so the kittens could start exercising.   When I sit down and start talking to them, three come staggering out everytime.  I still have high hopes for the fourth. Yesterday I heard two of them purr.  Amazing how each day they are getting their cat on!  All week they have begun to interact and start playing with each other.  It’s like watching a 6-9 month old child trying to bring a Toy to her mouth.  Not very coordinated, but so cute!

I put down some water and today I am going to introduce some kitten chow soaked In water.  I have filled an old cake pan with kitty litter in high hopes to start potty training this week.  The poor momma looks so skinny, but she has been a fantastic mother.  When the kittens are voicing their fears outside the box, she is watching them so intently and talks back to them to reassure them that she is right there.  Once in a while she will walk over and grab one and take it back into her box.  She does not like me to take them to the other room at all.  If I put the baby down to get a photo, she will grab it before I can get off one picture!

So here are this weeks pictures.  I am a little impaired with a frozen shoulder and a few herniated disks in my neck, but that could not stop me.

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