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Furry Friday – Week 5

Well…..Kitty freaked out. Her babies have become so mobile and loved being free to roam out of their box this past week.  She paced around frantically for a few days.  Intently watching them and protecting them from the other cats and dog in the house.  When she thought they were getting a little too far from the box, too often, she picked each one up and carried them to a back storage closet.  On top of a pile of stuff!

On NOOOOO…..not safe I told her.  (Like she understood?)  So I grabbed the box, put it in my own closet in my room and put all her babies back in it with the top up.  She is much happier, but they are not.  They want out to roam.  Ah, being a mother is hard.  You want to protect your babies as long as you can.  You want to keep them safe and out of harm.

So, now this weeks pictures are limited because she will not leave them long enough for me to let the out to roam.  The box is in the dark recesses of the closet.   But does that stop me?  Heck no.  Here are some pictures.  But I will tell you, they are really growing in their walking skills, have started purring, beg me to pick them up now and on Tuesday one started eating the mushy kitten chow I fixed up.  Ah, progress.  They are growing up.  Before we all know it, they will be jumping out of the box themselves.  Roaming free and making their mother a nervous wreck.  Can anyone who has children relate to this?  I know I can.  Motherhood…..amazing how love and protection crosses the boundaries of species…..

Here is YouTube video         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIew6Z2omuw

Well, she took them back to the storage room Wednesday night.   Poor things are going to fall down and she is going to spend all her time trying to get them back on top of all the junk.  I don’t think she thought this thoroughly out.  I think she just reacted by letting her fears take over. I can relate!  Been there, done that….It didn’t help, just made me crazy. Lol.  So anyone in West Texas want a kitten?  Leave me a comment.  They are sweet!

I DID IT!!!!  I uploaded a video and put music to it!!!!! Yahoo!  It’s is the little hurddles in life that you climb over that makes a day feel good!  Watch it!

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