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Furry Friday – Week 6

Well, the kittens have become active tiny cats this week.  They have begun eating solid Kitten chow, drinking water like crazy and their skills have really exploded.  I can hear purring and they now try to clean themselves.  Poor Mom is slowly coming to grips that her babies are growing up, but she still is feeding them herself.  She looks so happy laying there. 

Coordination is still developing, but it is so cute watching them jump and land spread eagle as they hit the floor! Climbing and stalking skills are alive and well now.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a good photo of them because they are always in motion.  Here are a few that had a low blur factor! 

Franklin has a new forever home…..

Now, I think I have one female spoken for….I’m begging my husband to let me keep one, so there is still one more Kitten that needs a home……I have given them all daily kisses, rubs and hugs….so they will all be quite loveable to their new family.  

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