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Furry Friday – Week 7 of The Kittens

Well, everyone has grown, developed a personality and has pretty much driven me crazy a time or two now.  They are so sweet when they are either asleep or just waking up.  This morning I awoke at 5am, drug myself to the coffee maker, and began loading everything to drink my first cup of brain food.  All of the sudden a kitten walked over my foot.  I looked down to witness another kitten crawl out from under the dishwasher…then another….then another.  Kitten Cockroaches!!!!  Crazy cats.

They are sleeping less now and they are not sound sleepers.  They awake easily and I can’t place them in a fun positions while they are unconscious, so I have to catch those natural moments….not easy I might add…..

They all have kept their blue eyes so far and their noses, ears and tails all turned dark.  The only way I can tell them apart easily is that everyone’s feet are different!  Yep, either white paws…Ali’s cat, Round and more furry….Maddie’s cat, Half dark back feet or all dark back feet….these two also have homes but I’m waiting for the owners to choose.

So I only have one more week of kitten crazy…..relieved yet sad at the same time.  These little balls of fur have been a happy moment in an otherwise difficult year.  I have tried to enjoy all the smiles they have given me.

I have taken pictures all the time, hoping to catch a good picture to share.  And now I have a great video….  It is called ” 0 to 80 until someone hits the emergency break”!  So here it is.

Next week will be the last post of the kittens since they will all be going to their forever homes!   I will try to get pictures of them with their new moms…..I wonder if I can get visitation privileges put into a contract?  Lol. 

I hope Kitty takes all her babies leaving ok…..She has been an outstanding mother (surprised me!) who will go look for her babies and take naps with them.  I feel very guilty giving her babies away….From one mother to another…..I know It’s hard to loose your children……..

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