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Great Little Handmade Ceramic Bowls for Gifts

 These Little Bowls/Dishes are just the greatest for a gift!
Each one is Handmade from a slab of clay
then Hand Painted
Think Outside the Box Bowl
This dish inspires you to embrace thinking not like everyone else
All great inventions came from thinking outside the box!

Out of Suffering
We all have events in our lives that are devastating.  
Whether a divorce, the death of a loved one, an illness…..
They leave us feeling cut and bleeding
with time the cuts heal, but they leave scares.
I have know women who have survived so much and yet they have reached out
to comfort me and have a joy that is infectious.
What does not kill you, makes you stronger…..
Yet strength with great character is a thing of beauty.
A Beautiful Life
When you love and laugh, you live a beautiful life.
When the time has come to leave this life, The only things that will have mattered is the love that you gave and received from others.
You are Special Bowl
We all need to feel loved and important to someone.
What a great little gift to tell that person that they are special to you!

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