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Kitchen floor handmade mosaic tiles

Well, I thought 2000 leaves would be enough, but I was way wrong.  Here is a sneak peek at the kitchen floor


Each piece is handmade tiles I have made

So now that half the floor is down, I have been in the studio every night after work rolling out leaves.  One kiln full cooling tonight and then I will begin glazing them and firing them on Friday so I can work a little more this weekend.  Check out my facebook page, AskMeStudio. And see more pictures.    So far, I have been at this for a year.  I am determined to finish it before summer is over!!!  I have just free handed the design, terrifying when I started, but now I am really diggin it!  Ok, I can’t wait, I have to show you more…..but that’s all….I have to save something for the before and after blog post.


Laying one piece at a time….mosaic tile floor for the kitchen

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