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Kitchen Remodel Handmade Tile Floor

Here are step by step photos on how I am making my Kitchen tiles.  
My inspiration was this mosaic tile floor called Jacqueline Vine by Sara Baldwin
Stone Mosaic Floor

Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive.
The price was high, as it should be because they are cut stone mosaic,
but my budget didn’t allow me to do that,
Being a clay artist
I am making my own!
First, I begin by rolling out a slab of clay
Rolling out slab of clay
then I began cutting the square tiles that will be under all the appliances and around the boarder of the kitchen.
Making Clay tiles
Now, I turn them over to dry and make grooves in the back so the tile and tile mastic hold to the floor well.
Every time I am rolling out clay for orders I am making leaves
Handmade Clay leaf
I also make grooves in the back of each one of these!
Next I sand the square tiles to smooth up the sides and make sure the tops are even.  Sometimes if the clay dries too fast it will warp a bit and I have to adjust them a bit before I fire them the first time to a bisque stage.
Here are some tiles after one firing.  There are other do dads in the basket that are for art projects, so ignore them.
Next I brush on a clear glaze and let them dry.  Then I fire them again in the kiln.  Here is what I have so far….
I hazard to guess how many 100’s of leaves I am going to end up making….but it will be worth it when I am done.
More Kitchen remodel updates forth coming so check back!


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