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Life has me drained

Do you ever feel like you have used up all your energy?  Your limp and weak.  You have done the laundry, worked a while and then you can’t do anything else.  That happens to me.

I think that is when I turn on the music.  Some symphony CD or I get on the computer and go to http://www.klove.com and turn on their live radio feed and I just listen to something that fills me back up.  Sometimes we just use everything up.  It is time to fill up the spirit, the soul.  It is not an instant filling.  It takes time to recharge.  Life has drained me.  My mind has depleted all that I have. 

What do I do with this time?  I try to figure out what has happened.  Have I had sleep?  Have I eaten?  Have I tried to do everything on my own?  Or, do I just need to sit and be quiet a while?  Usually it is one or all of these things.

 So, it’s time to re-charge.  It’s only 2:40pm…and I need to recharge already?  Yep.  I have been sucked dry already. I have done my own physical therapy on my shoulder and created a table full of crosses.   I have tried to make up a month’s worth of work in a solid morning.  I felt like I was a slacker despite being paralyzed for a month because I froze my shoulder in a dumb accident at home.   It’s time to call it a day.  My arm is really tired and so is my spirit.  Sometimes that happens to me.  Does it happen to you?

So….I just thought I would share that it is O.K. to stop and rest.  It’s O.K. not to be superwoman everyday.  It’s O.K. to tend to yourself and say, “I can’t do anymore.”   Tonight or  tomorrow I can take care of the rest of the laundry.  Right now I am going to take care of myself.  Right now I am going to feel sad and miss my first born son, I’m going to hug my other son, and I am going to get rest so I can be supermom for my daughter tomorrow when she comes home to visit.  There it is, I figured it out.  I just need my family close today.  I just need some hugs and kisses and I’ll be better tomorrow.  Sometimes it’s just love that fills us back up.  So, I’ll go shed a few tears alone, take a nice long warm shower and come out ready to filled back up…..  This too shall pass.   Nothing lasts forever while I am here on earth.  This feeling will pass. 

Do you ever feel like this????

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