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Limited Series Dragonfly and Bee Plates

 Here is a new creation!  They are the perfect size for dessert or appetizers. 

 I am offering them first to all my Instagram and Facebook followers before I put them on Etsy.  This will be the premier of SUNDAY SPECIAL….  each Sunday I will offer something new or discounted, so be sure to go “LIKE”  my Page on Facebook to see them each week.  Click here to go to the page!   www.facebook.com/askmestudio

My Instagram link is Galenclick

 Each plate is handmade first from a slab of clay, then hand molded.  Next it is fired in a 2000 degree kiln for 8 hours.  Then I glaze the dish and it is fired again to about 1800 degrees for 4 hours.  Next I apply the center decal and hand paint on the design in a 22 K real gold over glaze.  The dish is then fired again to a cone 021 for 9 hours.  Yes there are a lot of steps to create these dishes, but well worth it and at an incredibly low price.

 I have so fallen in love with this Salmon Pink under-glaze!  The bee is wonderful and the gold dots are perfect.  Now, who do you know that would have these…..no one!  You can buy one or all 6 or anything in between on Sunday.  The Special is now over, but you can purchase these plates here https://www.etsy.com

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