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Making Hangtags For my Etsy Store

AskMeDecor@ Etsy Customer Tags

Here is how I make my tags.  Easy and effective!

1.  Buy Manilla Furniture tags, Find a stamp that says what your tag is for (ie My shop
     banner is a baby zebra)
2.  Pick out a stamp ink that you like (ie vintage color for my tags)
3.  Stamp away til you can’t stamp no more
4.  Cut ribbon down the center from a spool on sale. (fatter ribbon I cut 3 times)
5.  Find wax seal stamp (amazon and etsy have tons) & pick out a fine glitter
6.  Wrap your ribbon around a card and secure with a bit of hot glue
7.  Now, put a big blob of hot glue in the center
8.  Quickly!  pour a big pile of glitter onto your hot glue
9.  And stamp down with your wax seal.  Now let this cool off for 30 seconds or until the
     stamp can come off easily
10. BAM!
AskMeDecor tags tidy in their cubby

And ready to use

Everything from my AskMeDecor Store on Etsy
is wrapped up in tissue and Baker’s twine,
which secures it all together.
Then I add a  personal note to the back of the tag
and it’s ready to fly to it’s new home

check out all the great vintage items I have

 AskMeDecor @ etsy

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