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Personalized Crosses for Every Occasion

 When I first started doing my art, I saw I stamped cross that was simple with some unusual stamps.  Well when you give Galen an idea…. I run with it
The first picture is the Wedding cross in the Camel Glaze
Ask Me Studio Personalized Wedding Cross
This is the fun cross with all the different stamps!
 The groom goes first since he is called to be the head of the family.
  Next is the bride with their wedding date.
 The house stamp is for their new home together,
 the lion is for courage to take life’s challenges together,
the tree is for growing in faith
the double wedding ring reminds then they are as one
The stars are for hopes and dreams
For a small budget or if you just need initials, I have this style
Ask Me Studio Small Personalized Cross Buy it now
Great price so you can order a lot as graduation gifts too!
Ask Me Studio Medium Personalized Cross Buy it now
This cross is great for a New Baby, Baptism or as a Graduation gift.
I write on the back, “You have been created to do great things.”
now if you have a long name, or want a first and middle name on a cross….
I have this style, for example in the Cobalt Glaze
Ask Me Studio Medium Long Personalized Cross Buy it now
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