Let what you love be what you do

Thumbs (aka Kitty) is having Kittens!

Last summer, Thumbs traveled from next door
to come and live with us.
She was so cute
We named her thumbs for this obvious reason
she has thumbs!
So, here we are 9 months later…..
and thumbs (aka Kitty) is all grown up
and pregnant!
I thought it would be fun to do a run of posts on this 
exciting event
I am guessing that there are two kittens in there…maybe three.
Due any day now.
Poor thing has that beached whale look in her eyes.
How many of you can relate?  I still remember all three pregnancies of mine and that last month was miserable!
I swear her tummy gets bigger everyday too.
So, once the big event happens, I hope I am home and/or awake
to photograph everything from the start.
Forget puppy breath…..

NOTHING smells as good as a new Kitten!

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